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Aug. 11th, 2016

What a difference almost a year has made.  I promise I'll post more here in the future.  I'm tired of having been sucked into the world of Facebook.  This is far better for serious blogging.
Shortly after that last post, I became involved with somebody I knew from about 15 years back.  We have fallen deeply on love, and have been living together for about 10 Months.  Also in July, My Mother passed away, leaving a big hole in the demands on my time.  I got fired from my overnight job, and landed in a better M-F day job.  I have a life, and a new (to me) speedboat, and a partner to share that life with.
I have not been this happy in years, I'll try to post on here more often, however through the summer, I'm spending a lot of time camping and boating.  Oh the agony!
See you all soon!


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Well...the update-Part 1

The Marriage I walked away from evrybody for...a failure. When all was said and done, she brought nothing to the table...companionship, help around the house...income...Nothing.  Just a sponge on household resources. I finally had enough and filed for divorce.  Quickly granted, and she was on her way out of town.

Nearly a year now. Well, a few months shy of one year.  A few friends are back. I've pretty well thrown my life into my work.

GF didn't work out either.

Out of all this, I remain positive and move forward.  More to come later.


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It  has been over a year. Huge changes in my life.  I'll have time tomorrow to sit down and do some writing.  But for today, redid my password, and looked to see that lots of my friends are still on here. I promise more later, and much more activity.

Thanks to everybody who is still around!


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My mission

I shall each day, explore the friends of my friends, and seek out one kindered and interesting person to read about.
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Life update...

Once again...too long.   Life has been interesting, and has had some difficult decisions made.

K and I are doing well, an anniversary is sneaking up on us once again. Time has been absolutely flying. Not sure if I mentioned it, but the move to Kittery didn't work, and we ended up back in Wells in our old place.   Well, it's home. Am now going to Kittery daily after work to see to Mom's stuff and do things there.  She was too high maintenance for the aides she had hired. I seem to be the only one she can trust with things.

Relationships change.  As a result of bringing K back into my life (much less marrying her) I was cast from the circle of relationships that I was in. I tried to remain friends, and even held the hope of at some point returning to that circle.  No more...A while back I made the decision that I had had enough, and severed all my ties to them.  This has cost me nearly all my "non online" friends. One has tried several times to contact me, resulting in a few more email addresses being blocked.

I don't do well with ultimatums. They are a tool used when negotiation fails.  When you don't have a moral leg to stand on, you just dictate how things will be "OR ELSE".  Well, don't drop the or else on me, and then expect me to be all happy and joyous about it. buh-bye..

On the flip side, things are going well with a new GF. Probably she will be moving in with us. She says it is going to happen, but I do sense a bit of hesitancy about things. Sadly, the only out of work interactions I have with people, are my wife, my GF, Mom, and my daughter. (and occasionally, my ex wife) I need to work on that.  Not sure how though. I still miss some of the old circle, a lot of years of friendship died there.
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I thought I had severed all possible methods of contact, short of changing my phone number.

A friend wouldn't have done what you did. 
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Far too long...

I've gotten out of the habit of posting here. I don't really post anything substantial on FB either.   I do look at FB more often, and I should check here more, but significant posts here have really dwindled.

It doesn't help that in the situations I used to post, some of my friends are too close to the situation, or I have decided to keep things offline.

I just don't know any more,  I've been a failure in most of my poly relationships. Manage to piss people off on a regular basis, and am sort of afraid to begin anything new relationship wise, because, well, I'm not sure I bring anything worthwhile to the table anymore.

Heck, I don't even know if anybody is following my posts here any more.

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Finally some time to post the promised update.

Approaching a year of Married life now, and enjoying it.  Also since we have moved home to my Mothers (helps all of us out) financially things are better.
The big issue, is some drama.  K and I are both dating, and in this case, dating our opposites in another couple. Recently there was drama. My other love, went on a bit of temper rampage.  Things were broken, irrational things were done, voices were raised, (and there was a whole lot of transmitting, but no receiving going on).  I broke up with her...sort of...In reality, I got pissed, and posted a life event on FB ending our relationship. Needless to say this caused more drama. I deleted that, and we talked. And she is seeking assistance with her anger issues. And those anger issues are the only reason I'd even consider leaving her. (not because they make me love her less, but I can't see somebody I love in a decaying orbit)  So, since we are talking, and she is seeking the help that she needs, she doesn't need the pain caused by me leaving her.  And I don't want to.

Keli is upset with me, for allowing drama back into our life. I don't think I am letting drama back in, I'm giving a relationship a chance to recover, and re-stabilize. I'm hoping it will work. Not really looking for advice, just updating what is important in my world, and what is going through my head.
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Lots on my mind.  If I can wrap my thoughts around it properly, there will be posting tonight.
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Mar. 23rd, 2013

A little late in posting this...but we are on the move again.  In my case, I have come full circle. Returning home to Kittery,

I knew that this day would come, but was not really ready for it. Sigh
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