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Life update...

Once again...too long.   Life has been interesting, and has had some difficult decisions made.

K and I are doing well, an anniversary is sneaking up on us once again. Time has been absolutely flying. Not sure if I mentioned it, but the move to Kittery didn't work, and we ended up back in Wells in our old place.   Well, it's home. Am now going to Kittery daily after work to see to Mom's stuff and do things there.  She was too high maintenance for the aides she had hired. I seem to be the only one she can trust with things.

Relationships change.  As a result of bringing K back into my life (much less marrying her) I was cast from the circle of relationships that I was in. I tried to remain friends, and even held the hope of at some point returning to that circle.  No more...A while back I made the decision that I had had enough, and severed all my ties to them.  This has cost me nearly all my "non online" friends. One has tried several times to contact me, resulting in a few more email addresses being blocked.

I don't do well with ultimatums. They are a tool used when negotiation fails.  When you don't have a moral leg to stand on, you just dictate how things will be "OR ELSE".  Well, don't drop the or else on me, and then expect me to be all happy and joyous about it. buh-bye..

On the flip side, things are going well with a new GF. Probably she will be moving in with us. She says it is going to happen, but I do sense a bit of hesitancy about things. Sadly, the only out of work interactions I have with people, are my wife, my GF, Mom, and my daughter. (and occasionally, my ex wife) I need to work on that.  Not sure how though. I still miss some of the old circle, a lot of years of friendship died there.
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