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Finally some time to post the promised update.

Approaching a year of Married life now, and enjoying it.  Also since we have moved home to my Mothers (helps all of us out) financially things are better.
The big issue, is some drama.  K and I are both dating, and in this case, dating our opposites in another couple. Recently there was drama. My other love, went on a bit of temper rampage.  Things were broken, irrational things were done, voices were raised, (and there was a whole lot of transmitting, but no receiving going on).  I broke up with her...sort of...In reality, I got pissed, and posted a life event on FB ending our relationship. Needless to say this caused more drama. I deleted that, and we talked. And she is seeking assistance with her anger issues. And those anger issues are the only reason I'd even consider leaving her. (not because they make me love her less, but I can't see somebody I love in a decaying orbit)  So, since we are talking, and she is seeking the help that she needs, she doesn't need the pain caused by me leaving her.  And I don't want to.

Keli is upset with me, for allowing drama back into our life. I don't think I am letting drama back in, I'm giving a relationship a chance to recover, and re-stabilize. I'm hoping it will work. Not really looking for advice, just updating what is important in my world, and what is going through my head.
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Mar. 28th, 2013 06:42 pm (UTC)
it sounds more like you put your foot down and refused the drama, but are allowing your otherlove to recoup herself before you re-evaluate what you want to do with the relationship.

congratulations on the anniversary! i honestly don't recall if you announced your *wedding* or not, if so i probably forgot. in any case, long life, health, joy, and contentment to you and all who love with you. :)
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